Tickling Tech

Tips To Teach Teachers Tech

I had a wonderful packed room today at #GaETC conference which included one brave classroom teacher and room full of ed tech instructors.  They were great about playing along – but I’m holding each and every person to their promise to “never, ever read aloud bullet points from a presentation.”

Whether you are teaching a student or an adult, people (and dogs) cannot sustain their interest.  EVEN WHEN YOU ARE ENGAGING THE STUDENT IN THEIR FAVORITE ACTIVITY.  My dog loves walks, but he runs out of energy.  We all do.

It may not be you or your presentation.  It may be the student.  Find a way to let them share later.  Website, video tutorials, handouts are a part of whatever you are teaching.

Important Tips:

What I Forgot to Mention:

Here’s what a Ed Tech Instructor does in simple terms:

Explore. Play. Share. Repeat.