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A Glimpse into a Teacher’s Summer Vacation: Ready? Set? Go!

 School’s  out!  Time to play! Unless you are a teacher.  Then you have about 10 weeks to do everything.  Ready?  Set?  Go!

With only three weeks left before I start back to school, I have to ask what you’ve been up to?  Playing with your own children? Dogs? Cats? Ok, not cats unless they deign to acknowledge you.  Heading to the pool, the beach, a conference or the library? 

Here’s part of my summer agenda:

This is not a complete list.  And during the summer my time is much more flexible – I’m allowed to go out to eat lunch!  But, it’s not one big party for 10 weeks either.

The next idiot who says that teachers “get the summer off” will get hit with my summer agenda.  Right in the kisser!