Tickling Tech

Math Night Videos Flipped the Teaching

Last week, our school had Family Math Night.

My role was to help our students make videos explaining math concepts.  This did not just mean supplying them with equipment (iPads, video cameras, regular camera, microphones, etc.).  It also meant teaching them how to shoot video without (and here’s the important part) changing the students’ great ideas.

The students acted out plays.  Personally, I really like the ones dressed as Perfectly Positive [in white cape & mask] and Negatively Negative [in red cape & mask].  Students shot video of themselves kicking a soccer ball repeatedly to show proportion.  They made paper slide videos.  They taught in the classroom.

To view one of the videos, go to:   https://goo.gl/uYN5Vz

It wasn’t perfect but it was great!

Now, here’s your thought to ponder.  This is a flipped classroom.

Flipped classroom isn’t scary or evil concept. The concept is just show your students a video (post on a website, Edmodo, YouTube, TeacherTube, ANYWHERE) prior to addressing the concept in front of the students.  You may find your approach changes as they’ve already heard the words and phrases you are introducing.  It gives students a head start.  AND, this works. Use these movies next year to flip your room.  Let the students teach.  Guide, facilitate and beam proudly.  I am.