Tickling Tech

Bitmoji for Teacher Team Silliness

The last Tickling Tech session at my middle school was taught standing by the circulation desk with every head staring down at their phone.  This session was fun, fast and funny as I introduced teachers to Bitmoji.com (by Bitstrips).

So what’s the teaching value of Bitmoji for the students?  Almost none.  This isn’t a software I’m dying to teach the middle schoolers.  Instead, the purpose is to create community.  When you finally have success with a difficult student, wouldn’t it be fun to share with your 8th grade team?

No other words are needed; your team members will know what you mean.

Having a bad day?  Trust me, they’ll know and this actually lightens the mood.

Can your team decide to only communicate in Bitmoji one day?  Of course – and what fun!  Yes, you’ll spend too much time looking for the perfect response but in the end, you will feel more like a team and less like a group of overwhelmed teachers.

Not all #edtech has to go straight into the classroom.  Sometimes, it can just be for fun. I give you permission to have fun while teaching.

Steps to successful Bitmoji fun:

p.s.  One teacher already using Bitmoji said she used the images on her syllabus or tests sometimes. Interesting thought…