Real or Fake Quiz


What is fake news?  It is propaganda or false news being portrayed as real or authentic news.  This is not the same as parody, such as a comedic news show exaggerating the real news for humor.

Here’s the biggest problem.  Most people use social media to find and share fake news.  According to, 79% of teens post online without thinking about the consequences of their actions. 1

Here is an example of a snippet about the movement to save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.  Is it real or fake?  How can you tell? tree-octopus

How fast do you hit SHARE?


Open Now:  Take the QUIZ
You have 30 seconds to decide on 3 examples of real or fake news.

Extra Credit:  DHMO – Real or Fake?
(hint: get the Press Release)

1 (2015, August 27). As Digital and Offline Lives Merge, 8 Out of 10 US Teens Post to Social Media Without a Second Thought. Retrieved

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