Electronic Bulletin Board

The simplest method of turning in work is to post it to an electronic bulletin board.  The idea is not to require students to have a log in but allow them to post short documents or presentations (not movies) or pictures.

Padlet.com requires a log in from the teacher to create the padlet.  I recommend using your school Google account.

Create a new Padlet and immediately go to the Settings tool.


Now you can set a title, a wallpaper, layout, and especially a new address.

Important: Set the layout as grid or stream – free form allows students to post on top of each other.  With the address you can give students a specific class to go to.

Remember: Students only need the link address to use the site.  For example: http://padlet.com/barber2/teachtech

Have students put their first name, last initial and their period (if the padlets aren’t separated by periods).  A student can turn in their work WITHOUT printing.  Teachers can view them in the classroom, bring them up on the whiteboards or download to their own laptops.


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