Research: Finding What You Need

When students or teachers or administrators or your brother wants to search for something, they turn to the Internet.  Among others, they often use Google for searching for information.

According to Google, they are constantly working on the algorithm of showing you the “best” possible answers (read below) but Google does NOT evaluate a site for accuracy.

Question: How do you know you have the best answer in Google?
Answer: You don’t.

Here are some great suggestions for handling research:

galileo purple logo_001In the state of Georgia, public schools and public libraries have the password for the amazing Galileo resource.  This has lots of information  not available on free web searches.



ciaworldfactbookHave a question about any country in the world?  Ask the CIA.  CIA World Factbook has great information on population, economics, geography, etc.










U.S. Bureau of Statistics K-12 Student Resources include economics, maps, career information and charts and graphs for the data.




googlelogo search


Google How Search Works:


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