A Glimpse into a Teacher’s Summer Vacation: Ready? Set? Go!

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July 11, 2015 by Dr. Robbie Barber

 School’s  out!  Time to play! Unless you are a teacher.  Then you have about 10 weeks to do everything.  Ready?  Set?  Go!

With only three weeks left before I start back to school, I have to ask what you’ve been up to?  Playing with your own children? Dogs? Cats? Ok, not cats unless they deign to acknowledge you.  Heading to the pool, the beach, a conference or the library? 

Here’s part of my summer agenda:

  • Attended the two day Ga. Library Media Assocation Summer Institute (@GLMA) and presented the session “Let’s Twitter Chat” 
  • Submitted a proposal for a workshop at #GaETC
  • Twitter chats – assume an hour a day, 6 days per week
  • Moved my son back and forth to summer school
  • Worked 5 days for summer school support
  • Attend 3 days of unpaid training – but boy, did I learn a lot!!
  • Practice what I just had in training – this will continue all summer long.
  • Met teachers one day to finalize documents for Striving Reader Grant
  • Squeezed in some doctor check ups – can’t do it once the students arrive
  • Read: for work, for pleasure
  • Email with principal, bookkeeper, & teachers – there’s so much to plan
  • Update school website. Update school twitter account (assume 20 min. a day)
  • Attend #NOTATISTE Conference – seriously this was an incredibly fabulous way to attend a conference when I didn’t have four days available to go.  I was on Twitter, Google Hangout & Periscope.  I even won a door prize!  Thanks @Gripcase!  More important was the incredible stack of resources I’m still trying to organize and use.  
  • Went to the Horizon Theater to see Avenue Q.  Had a blast!
  • Work out three times per week – still have no idea how to incorporate this into the school year. (sigh)
  • Went by the school building to see the bookkeeper twice (45 min drive one way)
  • Read Ga. Book Award Nominees for 2015-16 in preparation of coaching a Reading Bowl team
  • Applied for a grant. 
  • Organize conference information – ongoing!
  • Wrote outlines to apply for two more grants
  • Submitted session proposals for #GaETC
  • Blog about Conferences, Books I’m Reading
  • Met the incredible @TheWendyCope and worked on more session proposals for #GaETC
  • Worked on outline for Tech Club. How to incorporate teaching videos, computer programming, etc with only one hour per week after school?
  • Fly out for a week to visit Mom in the Phoenix area. In July.  Seriously, folks, it’s a new definition of hot.
  • Attend a one day, unpaid training with my peeps #FCSVANGUARD
  • Work on redesigning school’s media center website
  • Work on outline for school’s morning news
  • Do training for new interactive projectors.
  • Plan training for teachers for new interactive projectors
  • Plan #TicklingTech sessions with teachers – adding an afternoon session and still doing the Friday morning sessions
  • Try at least three of the apps/ websites I learned at conferences
  • Spend time with family

This is not a complete list.  And during the summer my time is much more flexible – I’m allowed to go out to eat lunch!  But, it’s not one big party for 10 weeks either.

The next idiot who says that teachers “get the summer off” will get hit with my summer agenda.  Right in the kisser!

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