Try Is My #OneWord


January 1, 2016 by Dr. Robbie Barber

I had noticed on Twitter a number of people posting their #OneWord for 2016.  This led to finding this article on “One Word Can Change Your Life in 2016. Here’s How.”

While I’m not big on resolutions despite my own blog on it, I liked the idea of focusing on one word for the year.  Following the advice of the article, I thought about it and agreed that one of the biggest problems is my fear – fear of failure, being turned down, being ignored, etc.  While the word “fear” does seem to loom large, it is NOT what I intend to focus on.  I certainly try a number of things in my work and life.  Many of them do fail but I tend to make changes and try again.  Unless, I hit that wall of fear that says don’t even try this.

This leads to the word I need this year: TRY.  I need to try more things (and fail at more things and try again).  I need to try to get the position I want. I need to try new ideas in the library and the school.  I need to try to improve things without letting fear weigh me down.  Just try.


2 thoughts on “Try Is My #OneWord

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