Don’t Write Down Your Password!


February 28, 2016 by Dr. Robbie Barber

A few years ago, I found a real problem trying to keep up with passwords.  On my IOS devices, I opened a note tied to my Google mail and kept them there.  Still if anyone got into my device or my email, they could get to my passwords.  It was laid out in plain English.  I surveyed my family and found everyone doing something similar from paper and pencil to e-notes.  Plain English passwords after all of those companies go to such lengths to make them obscure.

There is a solution to all that technology mumbo-jumbo.  Buy, use, own, have a password manager.

I recommend reviewing articles like PC Magazine’s Best Password Managers  and Best FREE Password Managers.

I use 1Password myself and made my children download and use it.  I offered to buy the MAC IOS version for them too.  I have 150 logins (not including credit cards, social security numbers and other data).  If I lose the 1Password passcode, I’m in serious trouble.  So I put it on a card in an envelope in my safe deposit box.  Done.

Why do it?  Seriously??!!  You’ve got to do it now before someone takes your paper with all of it written down and walks away.  Own the solution and feel good, organized and a bit safer than before.  Always practice safe computing.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Write Down Your Password!

  1. Carla says:

    My son discovered my list of passwords and forced me to start using LastPass. Works like a charm and I’m safe now!

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  2. anneleftwich says:

    When I was taking my A+ certification class, I remember them stating that most hackers are actually “social engineers” or “social hackers” meaning that they just try to figure out people and get their passwords that way, like most people have their passwords written down on a sheet of paper under their keyboard or in the drawer of their computer desk.

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    • Ms. Barber says:

      The reality is from watching my teachers is that once they realize this works, really keeps their information, they start expanding to different, more difficult passwords because the password manager always remembers. AND, they got a big lecture about making sure the password manager password was utterly unique!


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