May Day? Mayday! Mayday!


April 30, 2017 by Dr. Robbie Barber

May Day or May 1st is here and there is soooo much I haven’t done!  It’s incredible when I pause and realize I only have students and teachers for less than four weeks.  What can I do in the time remaining and what can I lay the groundwork for next year?

In the remaining time in this school year, I want to:

  • Have students create videos for library orientation for next year;
  • Have students take pictures of teachers holding their favorite book fromSports the library (starting a major photo project intended to take all of next year);Mystery
  • Move most of the reference books to line up under the nonfiction;
  • Begin the process of genre-fying the fiction (this will only be a start);
  • Create a book swap program; and
  • Sign up students for the public library.

I”m sure there’s more but I have to squeeze in things around testing.

What do I want to lay the groundwork for?  I would love to introduce some things during media-literacy-2202670__480the first week of school like library orientation videos and digital literacy discussions.  I want to engage with the Parent Liaison to plan digital literacy discussions with the parents.  But the biggest thing is to broach the possibility of starting a TEDxYouth at the school and possibly the whole district.  Is there interest? Can we do this?  I certainly hope so.  Time will tell.

What can you do in the next four weeks?

One thought on “May Day? Mayday! Mayday!

  1. I really like your idea of signing kids up for the public library. What a great introduction!

    It would be awesome if you could take a field trip there together.


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