#Oneword2019: Flux

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December 31, 2018 by Dr. Robbie Barber


In pondering the #oneword2019, I looked back at #oneword2018 for inspiration. The word for the year was “Communicate” and I did that wholeheartedly. I found new ways to share with teachers, including The Tissue Tabloid hanging in the faculty / staff bathrooms (The Perfect Spot for Communication).  I worked on my dissertation proposal which focuses on communication between school principals and teachers. And, I will continue to work on “communicate” as we move forward, but I need to find the right word to focus on for 2019.

After some consideration of the word “change”, I have decided that the word for this new year is “flux”. Not the medical definitions (!), but instead the richer meanings of change, making fluid, and even referring to a substance that is used to promote fusion between objects.

In 2019, I will be fusing concepts as I try to complete work on my dissertation. I will be making changes to what I do and how I do it. I will become more fluid in my actions and communications, trying to meet students and adults where they are.  To accomplish all this, I need a plan.

My 2019 plan needs to include these features:

  • To create a flux of words in forming my dissertation plan and acting on it.
  • To review my initial plans for the year and make those modifications that flow better with the situation at hand.  (I always have big plans and they aren’t always supported by others. I need to decide what is important and work on that.)
  • To change the status quo by making changes myself.  I just genre-fyed the fiction section of the library (no small task!) and already students are asking what are we going to change next.  The students used the word “we” and I am not going to disappoint!


I will not only change, but I will continuously change and remain in a state of flux for 2019.


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