#oneword2020: Explore

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December 26, 2019 by Dr. Barber

It’s time to explore beyond my comfort area.

I’ve used the #oneword to find a verb that kept me grounded. My words since 2016, include try, move, communicate, and flux. Flux described 2019 perfectly. I had just passed my qualifiers and began work on my dissertation at the start of the year. I took on different leadership roles in the school, school district, and state. I presented at #GLMA19, #ISTE19, 2019 Summer Literacy Conference, #GaETC19, and twice at school district meetings. Each time, I carefully put together a program and practiced before presenting. And, I worked on my dissertation including getting the proposal accepted, the research done, and the initial draft done days before the end of the year.

What will I do in 2020? I’m not sure. But it’s time to explore the possibilities. What can I do? Where can I travel? What can I find? I know some of my plans in 2020. I will host my first #ISTE20 workshop on a subject I feel strongly about. (If you’re headed to #ISTE20, join me for a 3 hour exploration of Tickling Tech: Teaching Teachers to Use Technology in Under 5 Minutes.)

Where will you go in 2020? Let’s explore.


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