Iran 2020: Providing Resources for Students & Teachers

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January 5, 2020 by Dr. Robbie Barber

Students (and teachers) have a tendency to use social media to understand what is happening around them. They may feel that people they follow can explain it better. They may like the social media short sentence, lots of pictures, attitude. But, we already know that pictures are easy to manipulate as are social media influencers. As a teacher-librarian, it’s my job to help students (and teachers) navigate to the best resources. Anticipating students going back to school this week, I thought I should collate some of those resources to help out.

PBS Newshour created a page to help answer students’ questions about. Study Guide: US kills Iran’s top general

Image result for bbc news

The BBC News provides a look at the information from the perspective of another country. Here, the BBC answers questions from people that probably mimic the questions our students have. Your Qasem Soleimani questions answered: Will killing spark war?

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Trending on social media is the concern that there will be a draft. The New York Times addresses this issue and states the responsibilities of young American men. Will There Be a Draft? Young People Worry After Military Strike

I encourage you and your students to ask questions. Ask your local librarian (school, college, public) to help you find the answers. It’s our superpower!

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