EOY Report for the Hardest Year Ever

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May 15, 2022 by Dr. Robbie Barber

To cap off the #HardestYearEver, we need to create an end-of-year report. This year, our district’s teacher-librarians (a.k.a. school librarians, a.k.a. media specialists) adopted the School Librarian Evaluation Instrument (SLEI) created by our state organization, Georgia Library Media Association. Part of the drive here is to mimic the state’s Teacher Keys Effectiveness System that classroom teachers are evaluated by.

The SLEI contains ten areas with four levels in each area. Because this was the first year, there was confusion about what to include in an EOY report. Everyone had a choice. Some put documents and images in a folder. Some wrote reports. To me, the key was helping my principal understand the new evaluation system and provide examples for each section. Always, always, always remember who you are writing your EOY report for. Know your audience.

In actuality, providing multiple examples for ten different areas can add up to a very long report. Plus, it can be kind of boring. I do a lot more in my school than a few examples, so it can be hard to limit your report. Here was my solution. I created a Google Slides (using a slidescarnival.com template). I decided to provide a brief description for each area and then provide pictorial examples by either using images or creating snips from my screen and pasting them directly onto the slides. It worked really well! Last, I decided to use my weekly newsletter as a re-occurring theme in each area to tie it together visually. I included my two SMART goals and labeled which SLEI area they each affected.

Then, because I can’t help going overboard, I added music and published it on the web. If you just want to see the slides without the movie aspect, I’ve also provided a PDF file you can view.

Movie: Barber End of Year Report

PDF: Barber EOY Report

Note: There is simply no way to include everything you do. Therefore pick good examples and do not get upset that a major event, like my TigerCon (ComicCon), is not included. Sometimes, it may be better to show what you do that is not as obvious. If you are curious, I’m providing links to the last two years’ processes for creating EOY Reports.

2021 EOY Report (#StrangestYearEver)

2020 EOY Report (as COVID began)

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